Christmas Paper Chains

Christmas paper chains are quick and easy and great fun for the kids. With the holidays approaching it can be hard keeping the little ones occupied.

My kids would get so excited in the run up to Christmas that it was hard to get a moments peace.

Kids love to make paper chains, they really are easy but look fantastic. If you prepare lots of strips of colored paper and a tub of glue these Xmas paper chains can keep them occupied for hours.

They will enjoy seeing their handiwork displayed on the wall for all your visitors to admire. Shop bought decorations are not necessarily expensive but these ones are so much more fun.

Mia's Top Tip

You can buy packs of ready cut and gummed paper strips to save more time, these are not so messy as using glue.

The measurements are a guide only and can be adjusted for different effects.

Use wavy edged scissors for an different finish.

If you are using glue then clothes pegs are quite useful to hold the joins closed until the glue has dried.

Materials and Equipment

  • Strips of paper 2cm (1/4") x 23cm (9")
  • Glue or double-sided sticky tape

Need Supplies?

Go to paper chain supplies to find all you need for this craft. 

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How to Make Christmas Paper Chains

Take 1 strip of paper and apply glue or double-sided sticky tape to one end.

Form a circle, if using glue hold until glue has dried.

This creates the first link of your chain.

Thread the next strip of paper through the first circle then glue or tape the ends to form another circle.

Continue adding as many links as you want.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

I have used a snowflake hole punch to decorate some of the strips of paper.

Keep the punched shapes that are left over to use as confetti on your dinner table.

You could use glitter or Christmas stamps for a really festive effect.

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