Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe paper flowers look great for ages, the ones on this page look like poppies. They can be made in different colors and sizes to suit your taste and decor.

You can carefully spray crepe paper flowers with flowery perfumes or diluted essential oils and they will keep your room looking and smelling fresh.

Spray above the flower so only a fine mist lands on the petals as crepe paper is not color-fast when wet.

Materials and Equipment

  • 6 circles of crepe paper – 7cm (2.75”) diameter
  • Black tissue paper flower center – using 10cm (4”) square tissue paper
  • Artificial flower stem – 20cm (8”) long
  • Thin binding wire
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Green tissue paper – similar in color to stem
  • Scissors

Need Supplies?

Go to Crepe paper flowers supplies to find all you need for this craft. 

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Mia's Top Tip

For the stem you can use green florist wire, pipe cleaners, garden wire or you can make your own.

If you would like to make your own Artificial Flower Stems this link will open in a new page so you won’t lose this page.

The link above will take you to step by step instructions on how to make an artificial flower stem. For this project you will need a piece of wire 20cm (8”) long.

Making your own artificial flower stem means you can match the color of the sepals to the stem exactly by using the same green tissue paper.

You will also need to make a tissue paper flower center, these are very quick and easy to do. You will find the link in step 1 of the instructions, this link will open in a new page so you won’t lose this page.

Crepe Paper Flowers Tutorial

Click on this link to make a tissue paper flower center using 10cm squares of black tissue paper.

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Cut out 6 circles out of the crepe paper.

The quickest way is to fold the crepe paper and cut out all the circles together.

I drew a circle using the inside of the double-sided sticky tape roll. This gave a circle with a diameter of approx 7cm.

You could use a glass or make a template from a piece of card.

Crepe paper only stretches easily in one direction.

Place the petal on to the stem the lines of crepe paper should be vertical, going up away from the center.

Stretch the petal slightly at the edge away from the center.

Use the thin wire to secure the petal to the stem of flower center.

Add another petal, overlapping the first.

Continue wrapping with wire to secure.

Attach a third petal and secure with the wire.

The petals should now overlap each other creating a first layer.

Attach the next three petals in the same way overlapping each one and secure with the wire.

Each petal should be at a slightly different position to the others.

Stretch the edges to give the desired effect.

Cut the thin wire and secure the end so that no sharp bits are sticking out.

Using the green stem wrap around the base of the flower to secure it in place.

Using the thin strip of tissue paper on double-sided sticky tape cover the wire at the base of the flower.

Keep covering until the base of the flower has a nice neat finish.

Cut out three diamond shapes of tissue paper on double-sided sticky tape.

Attach these to the underside of the petals and secure with another thin strip of tissue paper on double-sided sticky tape.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Try using different colors for the petals and the center.

You can make bigger or smaller flowers by changing the diameter of the crepe paper circles.

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