Decorative Flower Painting

This decorative flower painting project will show you how to get creative with craft glue. I'll show you how to make gorgeous stained glass pictures using acrylic paints and PVA. 

The raised leading effect is created by mixing glue with black paint.

You can use the free stained glass template or design your own.

I have used a deep edge stretched canvas, the cheap ones are great for this purpose and won't break the bank.

You can use paper or card if you prefer, water color paper or boards work well.

faux stained glass flower painting

Mia's Top Tip

These fake stained glass pictures look fantastic and are quite easy to make.

Your drawing is first outlined in the black glue which creates a raised effect similar to the leading on stained glass windows.

Fill the areas between the black outline with blocks of paint in vibrant colors to represent colored window glass.

I have used acrylic paints as they dry quickly and give strong vibrant colors. You can easily use any other water-based paints instead.
As the glue is black in this project you can draw your design directly onto the canvas or paper.

Use a soft pencil and light strokes so that you can erase any mistakes without leaving a mark.

I found the easiest way to go over your outline with the glue is to fill an icing syringe or piping bag with the colored glue.

Practice a few times on a scrap of paper to get a used to using the syringe or bag with the glue.

Materials and Equipment

  • Template
  • Paper for printing template
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Canvas or Canvas Board
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Container to mix glue and paint in
  • Icing syringe or piping bag
  • Water

Need Supplies?

Go to decorative flower painting supplies to find all you need for this craft.
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Decorative Flower Painting Template

You will need acrobat reader installed on your computer to view and print these designs. You can download it for free by clicking on the adobe reader button on the right.

Decorative Flower Painting Tutorial

Draw your picture onto canvas or card. If you are using our template adjust your printer settings so it prints out the template to the size of your canvas.

Place the template over the canvas and fix in place with some tape.

Draw over the lines with a ball point pen pressing quite hard so you mark the paper or canvas beneath the template.

Mix a little black paint with PVA glue, if you are using acrylic paints then you shouldn't need to add a lot of paint.

Start with a small amount and keeping adding more paint until the glue is completely black.

Fill your icing syringe or piping bag with the mixture.

Apply the paint between the thin lines on your drawing.

I found it easier to start from the top so you don't smudge the glue as you work down the picture.

You may want to work in sections leaving the glue to dry before moving to the next part.

Once you have completed all the black lines.

Leave the glue to dry completely.

Paint blocks of color within the black lines.

Acrylic paints dry quickly so you can wait a few minutes between each section so you don't smudge your colors.

Continue painting all the areas between the black lines with blocks of color.

Leave to dry completely.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can adapt any design to make stained glass pictures.

Simpler pictures that can be divided into definite areas are best.

If you enjoyed this decorative flower painting and would like more creative paint ideas.

You can try my glue arts project and create the gorgeous butterfly in the photo.

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