Easter Baby Chicks

Easter baby chicks is the third page in a series of instructions for my craft ideas for Easter.

These cute chicks will be a great hit with the kids. Once you have made one try adapting the project to make a cat or a teddy bear.

They are a little tricky to make and the kids may need some help. They are worth it though as they look so cute once they are finished.

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Easter Baby Chicks Part 3

Turn the card over and stick the excess tape down on the other side.

Cut the shapes out.

Once your chicks body is dried you can now stick on the pieces of tissue paper you prepared earlier.

Use the group of 9 and start near the bottom spiraling upwards.

Continue until you reach the neck.

You should have about 3 pieces of tissue left.

Use the group of 3 shorter ones on the head.

These should reach above the area where the eyes will be.

Use your 2 of the longer ones on the top of the head.

You will need to crease the tape as you work.

Trim the tape on the last strip as shown in the photo.

Then use it at the very top of the head.

Stick on the feet.

You can use glue or double-sided sticky tape.

Make up the beak using a small piece of double sided-sticky tape as shown in the diagram.

Stick the beak on to your chick.

Add the wings and the eyes.

Ruffle the feathers a bit by carefully rubbing them upwards.

Your chick is now done, you could now have a go at an Easter basket for him to nest in.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You could try using different colored tissue paper to give you a multicolored baby chick.

If you want to make a larger chick tape two pieces of newspaper together and continue in the same way.

To make a teddy or cat that has arms and legs, use two sheets of paper.

Easter chicks in a basket

Scrunch up the corners of one sheet and use masking tape to shape the arms and legs.

Scrunch up two-thirds of the other sheet and tape in between the arms and legs. Continue as in the instructions for the head.

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