Easter Baskets To Make

Easter baskets to make is the second page in a series of instructions on how to make homemade baskets from colored card.

These Easter baskets are very easy to make. Weaving with card or paper is a versatile craft and very easy to adapt to make a whole range of things.

If you would like to start from the beginning. You can find the first page of instructions at Easter basket ideas.

Easter Basket Ideas ~ Page 2

Glue the ends of each strip in place and leave to dry.

Once dry trim the strips all the way around.

Trim the blue half strips a strip wider than the edge to allow a tab for gluing.

Bend the edges over and glue down to stop your weaving from coming undone.

Repeat on all the edges that will be the top of the basket.

Fold the edges up to create your basket shape.

Fold the tabs over on each end of the basket.

Glue the tabs to the blue squares of the adjacent side.

2 tabs will be glued to the outside of the basket.

The other 2 tabs should be glued to the inside of the basket.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Make a large basket out of A3 strips keep the sides narrow and you have a dolls bed.

Another idea would be to make a smaller base and longer sides for a pen pot.

You can make smaller baskets out of good quality colored paper.

For larger baskets you may want to use thicker card and staple the handle in place instead of using glue.

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