Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter crafts for kids is the second page in a series of instructions on how to make baby chicks.

These chicks look great sat on a basket full of mini eggs. We made our eggs out of clay, but you could use chocolate ones instead.

If you want to start at the beginning of the instructions. You can find the first page of instructions at Craft Ideas For Easter.

Easter Baby Chicks - Part 2

Separate the strips into 2 groups depending on the length of tissue paper from the tape.

You should have one group with 9 pieces and one group with 3 pieces.

Stack each group together and make lots of little cuts into the tissue paper as shown in the photo.

Now to prepare the beak.

Cut out the shape in the diagram from the orange card.

You will need two of these for the beak.

Score along the dotted lines.

We have drawn the lines in pen so it is easier to see in the photo's.

You can draw them in pencil then rub them out once you have scored along them.

Now for the feet.

Cut a shape out of the orange card similar to the one in the diagram

Draw the wing shapes onto a piece of card but don't cut them out yet.

Using the 2 smaller pieces of orange tissue paper.

Apply the double sided sticky tape as in the photo.

Cut the tissue paper in half between the lengths of sticky tape.

Cut each piece of double sided-sticky tape in half.

Stack the pieces together and cut small slits as before.

Stick each piece to the back of the card with the wings on.

Continue right to the top so that the tape actually goes above the edge of the card.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Every Easter baby chick you make will look slightly different.

Change the size and shape of the beak slightly to give each one it's own personality.

What would you like to do now?

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