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Easy craft ideas to make for you, your home or as gifts for family and friends. These projects require no expensive equipment or materials. Most of the projects make use of things we would usually throw away. From rags to old greeting cards I can help you to turn them into treasures.

Here you will find all the crafts that are not only easy but require very little in the way of equipment and materials. I hope this will make it easier to find something to get you started. These crafts are not necessarily suitable for children you will find those on the kids craft pages. These easy craft projects are great for getting started on your road to being creative.

Easy Craft Ideas ~ Quick Links

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Homemade Gift Tags

These gorgeous gift tags really are easy to make and will brighten up any gift.

All you need is some scraps of card and imagination. As easy craft ideas go these couldn't be simpler and will add a unique special touch to your gift.

I have created some templates of basic shapes for you to download.

3 handmade gift tags

You can add scraps of ribbon or fabric, paint or draw a simple image or use pictures from magazines.The tutorial will give you lots of great ideas to get you started. Click on the text or image to go to the homemade gift tags tutorial.

Braided Rag Rug

These rag rugs make a cheap and cheerful addition to any home.

Making rugs from rags is an old tradition that is now getting a revival.

It's another environmentally friendly craft and makes great use of those old curtains and sheets.

Close up of braided rag rug

This is a really easy craft project even if your sewing skills are limited or non-existent. I will show you how to make a gorgeous rug with very little sewing involved. You can use this technique to make floor rugs, table mats or coasters.
Click on the text or image to go to my braided rag rug tutorial.

Bead Necklace

This is a really easy craft idea, all you need is a few beads, some cord and lots of imagination.

Jewelry making with beads is a great project to get you started making your own gorgeous jewelry.

Wow your friends with your own original and unique designs.

bead and cord necklace

You can use beads from old broken jewelry or take apart an old necklace you no longer wear. Charity shops, car boot or yard sales or other good places to look for odd beads. Click on the text or image to go to the jewelry making with beads tutorial.

Pom Poms

These pom pom are a really easy craft idea and will brighten any room.

They are so easy to make and can be made with scraps of wool from other projects.

You can hang them from shelves or door handles to add color and fun to your kitchen.

3 pretty pom poms

You can make big or small, in one color or lots of different colors. I have included a template with card circles in different sizes to get you started.
Click on the text or image to go to my how to make a pom pom tutorial.

Papier Mache Bowl

These simple papier mache bowls are a great introduction to the craft.

The basic shape can be decorated and finished in so many different ways that each bowl will be unique.

You don't need lots of expensive materials to make these simple bowls.

making a papier mache bowl

Most of these things you will already have but if not they are cheap to buy. Click on the text or image to go to the how to make a bowl tutorial.

Salt Dough Egg Cup

This is a really cheap and easy craft idea and the finished product is practical too. Salt dough is a wonderful medium to work with and can be made with ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard.

These egg cups are so easy to make and once you have made one you will get lots of ideas for others. Click on the text or image to go to my salt dough crafts tutorial.

making a salt dough egg cup

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