Easy Yarn Dolls

These easy yarn dolls are so much fun to make and cheap too. This is just one of my crafts with yarn that is a great way to use up oddments of wool from other projects.

The kids will enjoy learning how to make yarn dolls as well though they may need some help with the sharp scissors and creating the face.

Once you have made one following this tutorial try to make some different ones. Make a multicolored yarn doll by tying smaller pieces of yarn together. Make a larger one using thin fabric strips or ribbon.

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Easy Yarn Dolls Tutorial Page 3

Trim the hands, feet and hair to give a neat finish.

To make the eyes take a piece of thread and make a loop in it like #1 in the photo above.

Twist the ends into the loop a few times as in #2.

Pull the ends tight creating a big knot for the eye.

Pass the crochet hook through the back of your yarn dolls head.

Lay the knot on the front of the dolls face.

Carefully pull one of the threads through leaving the knot resting on the dolls face.

Push your crochet hook back through the head to grab the other thread.

Carefully open the yarn at the back of the head to tie the ends together.

Check that the knot is still in the right place on the face.

Trim the ends so they can't be seen. Repeat for the other eye.

Thread some wool through the yarn to create the mouth of your doll. 

Secure the mouth behind the inside the head and trim the ends.

Your yarn doll is now finished.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

This easy yarn doll tutorial just shows you how to make the basic doll.

You can easily make clothes for your doll.

To make a skirt cut out a rectangular piece of fabric.

The longer side should be long enough to wrap around your doll at least twice. The shorter side should be the length you want the skirt and a little extra for tying around the waist.

Wrap the fabric around the middle of the doll and tie at the waist for a quick skirt.

What would you like to do now?

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