The Evolution of Paper Making

Paper is one of the most versatile, most unique, artful products available to us today. But the road that paper took from invention to current iteration is a twisting, turning path that tracks the development of modern society.

The first paper wasn’t paper as we know it; it was, instead, a plant-based product created by the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks. Its use and its creation spread from there, with other societies and regions using additional plant materials until it finally reached Europe, where people relied on animal skins.

Manufacturers always had an eye on paper: how to make more of it, how to streamline the process. They’d work on it for several centuries until the 1800s when water, wood, and factories became the prime producers and materials in paper creation.

Today’s modern papermaking resembles that latest process in several ways, but the focus is now on using recycled materials. To see how paper moved from its beginnings to the reams you can buy everywhere today, take a look at this graphic.

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From Rags to Copy Machines: The Evolution of Paper Making

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