Father's Day Crafts

These father's day crafts will make great gifts that can be adapted to suit your dad's taste and style. Make him a personalised paper weight or a set of wooden worry beads with my step by step, easy to follow tutorials. 

You will also find quick and easy picture frames, lots of dough craft ideas  and coloring pages that won't break the bank.

If you have already bought a gift or to make your gift extra special why not try making one of my gift boxes and tags.

There are also tutorials for different paper flowers for those dad's who enjoy the beautiful things in life.

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When Is Father's Day?

  • Father's Day is on the 17th June 2018

It's a day to spoil that special man in your life that raised and loved you. Father's day gives you a chance to let them know just how wonderful they are.

A Father's Day Gift

Looking for something different for Father's day?
This coloring book makes a great gift. It's quick and easy too, no need to wait anxiously for delivery or wonder if it will get damaged in the post.
Buy, download, print and it's done. Add a set of coloring pencils and it makes a great gift for that special man in your life.

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Worry Beads

These worry beads make a great father's day gift.

The wooden beads feel great and can help with any stress your dad might feel at work or at home.

Origami Box

A simple origami box is perfevt for that small gift.

Add some tissue paper or cotton wool to protect and display small items.

Great for cufflinks or Dad's favorite sweets.

Geometric Coloring Pages

These geometric coloring sheets make a great gift.

Make it a family activity and print some for everyone.

Glue Arts - Butterfly Craft Ideas

This glue arts tutorial is easy to follow and is a fun way to create pictures for kids of all ages.

Make a pretty butterfly painting with glue and paints.

These pictures make a great gift for dad.

You can easily change the picture if you want and just use the tutorial to give you general guidelines.

Candle Holder

Make a candle holder for dad's special day.

He can use it indoors or outside.

Decorate in his favorite colors or personalise it by using the string to make his initials.

Pyramid Paperweight

This pyramid paperweight can easily be personalised with dad's favorite colors.

Add a pic of the kids or paint his initials on the side.

Picture Frame Craft Ideas

This pretty picture frame makes a great father's day gift.

This picture frame will make any photo, painting or drawing extra special. Make it in his favorite color.

If you have siblings get your brothers and sisters to help and then add a photo of you all together and your dad will love it.

How To Make Paper Roses

Learn how to make paper roses with this step by step tutorial.

Tissue paper flowers are easy to make and last a lot longer than cut flowers.

Make them in your dad's favorite colors and add a pretty ribbon to complete the gift.

Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe paper flowers are easy to make with these step by step instructions.

A father's day crafts page wouldn't be complete without a making flowers tutorial.

These gorgeous flowers will make a lovely Father's day gift.

You can carefully spray crepe paper flowers with flowery perfumes or diluted essential oils so that they smell like real flowers.

Tissue Paper Flowers

These tissue paper flowers are really quick and easy to make once you get the hang of the technique.

They are sometimes called folding paper flowers as you fold the tissue paper into a concertina to start with.

They make a pretty father's day gift that will last a lot longer than cut flowers.

Free Gift Box Templates

These gift box templates are a great way to package your finished Father's day crafts.

These gift boxes are easy to adapt to suit any small gift.

There are 4 templates to choose from in different styles and sizes.

They are great for jewelry, CD's, sweets or any other small gift that you want to make extra special.

Homemade Gift Tags

Homemade gift tags are a great way to make your dad's presents extra special.

These printable templates will give you some ideas for shapes to get you started.

All of the shapes are a standard size but you can easily make them larger or smaller to match your gift.

Salt Dough Crafts

Salt dough is an easy and inexpensive craft. It doesn't take long to learn the basics. 

Use Mia's tutorials to make a gorgeous gift for father's day. 

From practical egg cups or candle holders to plaques or animals.

There's bound to be something for that special man in your life

salt dough crafts

Origami Hearts

Make some Origami Hearts for father's day. These little hearts make a charming gift and cost very little except your time and effort. 

They are tricky to make but get easier once you've gone through the process once. 

They are definitely worth the effort though and you can add a little message to say I love you. 

origami hearts

God's Eye

God's eye
 weaving is a so easy once you know how, that even the kids can do it.

Make in your dad's favourite colors for him to hang in his study or workshop. 

god's eye

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