Figure Of Eight Knot

The figure of eight knot is used in lots of craft ideas, from jewelry making to sewing. Learn how to tie knots with these easy to follow step by step tutorials and pictures.

This knot is a lot stronger than the overhand.

It is used when you need that extra security that your knot won't come untied.

It is also bulkier and is less likely to slip through small holes in beads or fabric.

It looks nice too and can be used as a decorative addition to cord necklaces or bracelets.

Mia's Top Tip

We often use this technique in beading thread especially with calottes.

As it makes a slightly bigger knot than the overhand making it less likely to be pulled out of the calotte.

It also helps if you glue your knots inside the calotte as the area it covers is larger and easier to glue in place.

Figure Of Eight Knot Tutorial

Make a loop in the cord.

Pass the end behind the cord at the base of the loop.

Pass the end of the cord over and into the loop.

Bring the end of the cord out of the loop by going under the cord.

Pull the knot tight on the cord.

If you are using this technique to secure beads on a cord then hold the bead in place and move the knot towards the bead as you tighten it.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

This necklace was made using thin leather cord.

The overhand knot that I would usually use just went right through the holes in the beads.

I needed to make the knots larger so I used figure of eight knots instead.

The beads are separated by the knots and they look good too.

Although the knot is larger it doesn't kink the cord. As you can see from the diagram above in step 5. The cord continues in the same direction it was going before the knot was made.

Although I have used this technique on a single cord it can be used to secure two or more cords. It's ideal for securing cords, yarn or ribbon before braiding. Just lay the cords together as though they were one cord.

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