Free Polymer Clay Tutorials

Make a polymer clay cane with these free polymer clay tutorials at Mia's. You will also find tutorials on how to use your canes to make gorgeous beads and tea light candle holders.

These canes are so much fun to make and can be used in lots of different projects. 

There's really no right or wrong way of making them. 

Just roll out your clay and add other rolls to make a long sausage shape and you will have a gorgeous cane. 

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Free Polymer Clay Tutorials

Roll out a piece of white clay large enough to wrap around your cane.

Smooth the edges so the join cannot be seen. 

Fill the gaps between each log with logs of green clay.

Push them into the gaps so they lay flat as shown in the photo.

Roll out a length of green clay and wrap it all the way around your cane.

Smooth the edges so they can't be seen.

Your cane should now look like the one shown in the photo.

Gently squash and pull the cane in your hands to make it narrower and easier to roll.

Keep it rounded and roll it out until you have the desired diameter for your finished cane.

Trim of the excess clay from the ends and your cane should now look similar to the one in the photo.

Do not bake the cane, store in an airtight container.

The cane will stay soft and flexible for weeks and you can use it in many different projects.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

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