Glue Arts

Mia's glue arts project will show you how to get creative with craft glue. We'll show you how to create this gorgeous butterfly picture.

You can use this free template or design your own picture. I use water color paper for this project as it doesn't warp as much as normal paper. If you want to use ordinary printer paper you may have to flatten it under some heavy books once it's dry.

Butterfly Craft Ideas

The butterfly template for this project is just an outline sketch.

This will give you a guide to follow when drawing with the glue but allows you to be creative with the design.

Fill the areas between the black outline with blocks of paint in vibrant colors to represent colored window glass.

I use acrylic paints as they dry quickly and give strong vibrant colors. You can easily use any other water-based paints instead.

Materials and Equipment

  • Template
  • Tape (optional)
  • Pencil (optional)
  • Paper or board
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Container with nozzle for applying glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Water

Glue Arts Template

Download the template below by clicking on the thumbnail. All my templates are PDF files as they are easy to use and print.

You will need acrobat reader installed on your computer to view and print these templates. You can download it for free by clicking on the adobe reader button on the right.

Mia's Top Tip

I sketched this free hand using the template as a guide.

If you don't feel confident enough to try sketching free hand you can transfer the template to your paper.

Tape your template over your paper or board securely so it doesn't move.

Glue arts butterfly painting

Use a ball point pen or hard pencil to draw over the lines.

Press firmly but not so much that you pierce the paper of the template. Check that you have made an indentation on your paper or board underneath. You can then follow those indentations with the glue, without it showing through.

Glue Arts Butterfly Tutorial

Draw eyes and mouth with a permanent marker in the center of your page.

Make sure the ink is dry before using the glue.

Using your glue container with nozzle draw the outline of a butterfly.

Use the template as a guide or mark the outline as in Mia's craft idea guide.

Fill in the rest of the drawing and leave to dry.

Apply the paint between the glue lines on your drawing.

I find it easier to work in sections, leaving each section to dry before working the next.

Paint in the background, paint the gaps between the grasses where there is no glue.

Don't worry if you get paint on the raised glue areas as you will be painting over this later.

Paint the raised grass areas, I have used two different shades of green for variation.

The dandelion clock in the center was painted white, with off white shading.

Paint the 2 smaller butterflies in blocks of color Paint a dark line down their centers for a body.

I used a dark brown paint on the raised glue on the butterfly.

Leave to dry completely.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can adapt any design to make pictures using glue.

Simpler pictures that can be divided into definite areas are best.

If you enjoyed this glue arts butterfly project and would like more creative paint ideas.

You can try my decorative flower painting and create the lovely fake stained glass flower in the photo.

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