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This God's eye craft is great for all the family even the kids will enjoy making these brightly colored wall hangings. Although there are a lot of steps they tend to be repetitive and you will soon be able to make these God's eyes quickly and easily.

I have included lots of steps as I often find that when you first try a craft then you need more detailed instructions to start with. 

Some tutorials seem to assume that you know what to do and leave you scratching your head wondering how they got from one step to the next.

 I try not to assume anything and write the tutorials that I would like to find when learning a new technique.
This is the fourth page of the tutorial if you would like to start at the beginning go to how to make a God's eye for page 1. 

Mia's Top Tip

In the diagram on the right you can see that I have changed the weaving slightly so that the wrapped sticks show.

The yarn is now towards the back instead of the front.

These next steps will show you how to create that effect.

How to make A God's eye ~ Page 4

Bring your thread back round so it is between sticks [a] and [b].  Wrap it over [a] as shown in the picture. 

Wrap the thread around the back of [a] keeping the yarn to the back of the weaving. 

Bring your thread down behind stick [b] and up and over stick [b]. 

Take the yarn down between [a] and [b] and around the back of stick [b]. 

Keeping the thread to the back of the weaving take it behind [c] and up between [c] and [d].

Wrap around stick [c]. 

Go between [c] and [b] wrapping the thread behind stick [c].

Take the yarn back up between [d] and [a] as in the diagram. Wrapping the thread over stick [d]. 

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Here's an example of the technique. If you look at the red area you will see that I have started with the usual weaving technique.

Then I changed direction and you can see the wrapped sticks and the yarn is recessed.

I did the same within the yellow area as well. As you can see it helps to add a little interest to this God's eye craft.

What would you like to do now?

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