Guatemalan Worry Dolls

These gorgeous Guatemalan worry dolls are sometimes known as trouble dolls. Children or adults can tell their troubles to the doll and the doll helps to take the worries away.
They are easy to make and the process is relaxing and fun. 

Be careful though as they can become quite addictive and you will be getting ideas for a whole family of worry dolls. 

Most worry dolls are made from wooden sticks so they are rigid I have always made them using pipe cleaners so you can change their positions.

Pipe cleaners are also very easy to wrap as the furry surface helps to hold the threads in place.

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Now to make the arms of your doll.

Take your other pipe cleaner and cut it in half, put one half to one side for the moment.

Bend the piece you have left in half to find the center.

Wrap it around the body of the other pipe cleaner just under the head.

Make sure the arms are the same length and create hands the same way as you made the feet.

Take the other half of the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the body of your doll.

Cover the bead in double-sided sticky tape, you can use glue but wait until it's gone tacky before trying to stick on the threads.

Starting just under the hair wrap your threads around the bead pressing it down onto the tape.

Wrap carefully making sure the threads are close to each other with no gaps.

Keep wrapping until the whole bead is covered, wrap the thread around the body and tie off. 

Tie the thread for the arms just above the hands and trim the end.

Wrap the thread up the arm keeping the thread close together.

Work right up to the shoulder then go back down the arm again making sure you cover all the pipe cleaner.

Wrap the thread as neatly as possible back up the arm again to the shoulder.

Wrap the end around the body but don't cut the thread.

Wrap the thread around the other arm 3 times just as before.

If you run out of thread just tie on another piece and keep wrapping.

Try to make sure you have enough thread to complete the last wrap without any joins.

Wrap the thread around the body and tie off.

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