Halloween Craft Ideas

You will find lots of Halloween craft ideas, including printables, decorations and costume ideas. I will show you how you can save money and still have a fun and happy holiday.

On this page you will also find out more about Halloween, it's origins and why we dress up to celebrate. 

There are lots of free templates for you to download to help you get started.

You can keep the younger children occupied with my coloring pages.

All my projects have easy to follow step by step instructions.

Halloween Craft Ideas ~ Quick Links

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Pumpkin Suncatcher

A gorgeous pumpkin suncatcher, made with black card and tissue paper, will look great in any window. 

Place in front of a safe light source for a glow in the dark effect.  

Halloween Bunting

Create your own Halloween bunting with our bat and stalactite template. 

Hanging in your window or across your room it makes a great addition to your spooky decorations. 

Halloween Card Game Ideas

Try these two great Halloween card games with a spooky theme.

There are 12 different printable cards for you to download and the haunted house card backs too.

The kids will have loads of fun playing snap or match 2 with these spooky cards.

Halloween Spider

Make this cute Halloween spider decoration for your spooky party.

Made from pom poms and pipe cleaners it's a fun and inexpensive Halloween craft idea.

You can use any scraps of yarn, make a whole family in lots of different colors.

Spider's Web Dreamcatcher

These spider web dreamcatcher's make a great decoration for any Halloween party.

They look great all year round too.

Traditionally they were positioned above the bed to ward away bad dreams.

Make A Halloween Witch Hat

Mia’s Halloween witch hat has easy to follow instructions and a free downloadable template.

This is a very simple witch hat with a circle for the brim and a cone for the body of the hat.

The same template can be used to make a wizards hat for the boys.

Halloween in the UK

It's a myth that we don't celebrate Halloween here in the UK, we just love Halloween and the shops are full of costumes and decorations by the end of August.

We have had a Halloween party every year for over 20 years and make our own costumes and decorations to save money and have fun.

In our little village all the kids get dressed up and go trick or treating through the village. Parents and older kids take the younger ones and of course they get dressed up to.

How to Make Paper Hats

This pirates hat is a great alternative for Halloween.

The template is easy to adapt so you can make different styles of hat from one template.

You can use the skull and crossbones template for other Halloween craft ideas.

Apple Bobbing

A great game is apple bobbing.

Half fill a large bowl with water and float some apples in it.

You have to get the apples out of the bowl using just your mouth no hands allowed.

Ghostly Halloween Cut Outs

Free Halloween Cut Outs for you to print and decorate.

There are easy to follow instructions with diagrams and photo's.

These printables are a cheap way to decorate your room and join in the fun.

Bats and Cats

Have fun with these printable Halloween decorations

You will find easy to follow instructions and photo's.

These bats and cats make great decorations and are really easy to make.

Fun Halloween Facts

Halloween comes from an old Celtic festival celebrated on All Hallow's Eve. The Celts believed the spirits of the dead were able to walk with the living on October the 31st, the day before All Saints Day. So that the spirits would leave them alone they dressed up as spirits themselves, thus starting the tradition of dressing up at Halloween.

In Mexico they celebrate the Day Of The Dead at Halloween.

Halloween colors are orange and black, these represent the harvest and the night.

Black cats were believed to be witches familiars and could bring good or bad luck.

Halloween Masks

These printable Halloween masks are fun and easy to make. As with all our craft ideas they have step-by-step instructions and photographs.

Cats are popular with the little ones and this cool mask isn’t too scary.

There are two other mask shapes for you to try as well.

Halloween Coloring Pages

My Halloween coloring pages are a great way to keep the kids busy. There are 5 different designs to choose from.

Make your own banner, color in a friendly ghost or try your hand at the more detailed witch who is happy to be home for Halloween.

Try our friendly Jack O' Lantern or perhaps you would prefer the creepy pumpkin.

Halloween Gift Ideas

For some great gift ideas for Halloween visit Best Homemade Gift Ideas. You will find great gift ideas here for all occasions.

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