Handmade Paper Making

Handmade paper making is easy with this tutorial and step by step photo's. I will show you how to recycle paper and turn it in to something new and useful. 

It's a great way of safely disposing personal documents straight from the shredder. 

Once the paper has been soaked and turned into pulp it will never be readable again.

Newspaper makes a light grey colored pulp. If you want a whiter paper use white envelopes or misprints from your printer.

If their is less ink on the page then the finished paper will be lighter in color. Experiment with different types of paper, magazines, junk mail or colored envelopes.

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Handmade Paper Making Tutorial Page 3

Place your other piece of mesh over the top of your paper pulp.

Use the sponge to carefully squeeze out the excess water.

Place the sponge onto the mesh covering the pulp and press down.

Lift of the sponge and squeeze out any excess water into the bowl.

Place the sponge down again in a different place and repeat the process.

Do not rub the sponge over the mesh lift and place down again.

When the sponge is coming up mostly dry carefully lift the deckle half.

Keeping the mesh in place turn the whole thing over.

Leave the frame in place and use the sponge again to remove more of the excess water.

Very carefully lift the deckle half off of the paper pulp.

It should come off quite easily if most of the water has been removed.

Lay 2 or 3 sheets of kitchen towel over the paper pulp and use a rolling pin to remove even more water. 

Remove the wet kitchen towel and replace it with a couple of dry sheets.

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