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Try making a series of hanging hearts in different colors and papers to match any room in the house. They would make a great addition to any bedroom decor and would also look great in the kitchen too.

You could wrap ribbon or lace around your heart once it's dry as a nice finishing touch. 

These would make great decorations for a wedding or anniversary party. 

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Hanging Heart Tutorial part 2

In a bowl add 1 part PVA to 1 part water.

If the liquid seems too thick ad a bit more water, it should soak through the paper easily. 

Immerse the paper into the watered down glue, lift it out and hold above the the bowl.

Slide your fingers down the length to remove the excess glue.

Push the edges of the paper together to form a pleat as shown in the photo.

It doesn't have to be very neat.

Stick the paper to the heart cut out as shown in the photo. 

Turn the card over and start to loosely wrap the paper around the heart shape. 

Keep the creases and folds in the paper and make sure each turn overlaps the last one. 

When you get to the end of one piece cover the next piece in glue and continue by sticking the new piece over the end of the last piece. 

Keep going until the whole heart is covered in paper.

Leave to dry.

I left mine balanced on the bowl I used for the glue and turned it occasionally to make sure both sides dried properly.

Once it's completely dry add some ribbon so you can hang it up. 

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can use string or ribbon to cover your heart for a different effect.

Try newspaper and painting it once dry.

You could use metallic spray paint for a shiny finish.

Try adding glitter to the glue, it will be messy but the glitter will dry on the paper giving a sparkly effect. 

If you want to hang in the bathroom or outside cover the whole surface with 2 coats of varnish 2 make it waterproof. 

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