Homemade Paper

Homemade paper, recycle your trash and make something new.  Handmade paper making is fun and quite addictive once you have started.

You will soon be thinking of new ideas and finishes for your special paper.
If you want to write on your homemade paper then you may need to give it some special treatment first.

I have had tried lots of ways of preparing recycled paper for writing on with mixed results. I have found the best way is to use a size that will seal the paper and stop the ink from running.
Mix up wall paper paste following the manufacturer's  instructions for the thinnest paste. Once your paper is dry cover the side you wish to write on with a good coating of paste and leave to dry again.

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Homemade Paper Tutorial Page 4

Gently lift the kitchen towel and paper pulp and turn it over.

The mesh is now on top and can be carefully removed.

Your paper pulp should now look more like a sheet of paper although it will still be quite wet.

Cover with more sheets of kitchen towel and roll out more of the water.

Replace the wet kitchen towel with dry paper and turn over.

Continue doing this until the kitchen towel is only getting very slightly damp.

Put a couple of sheets of kitchen towel onto your flower press. If you don't have a flower press then put the sheets of kitchen towel onto a piece of card board instead.

Carefully lay your paper on top and cover with more kitchen towel.

Repeat the entire process to make more sheets of paper.

Stack them together in the press with kitchen towel between each sheet.

If you are not using a press just stack all the sheets on your piece of cardboard separating them with kitchen towel.

Once you have finished using all your pulp put a sheet a card over all your papers in the press. 

If you are not using a press then just put another sheet of card over all your paper sheets.

Then carefully lay a heavy book over the top of it all.

You may find it easier to get someone to hold the stack of papers so it doesn't move when you put the book on top.

Close the press and tighten the bolts.
Leave for a couple of hours or overnight.

Once you remove your paper from the press it may still be slightly damp.

Leave it to dry somewhere warm.

The paper may buckle once it has dried completely.

If you want your paper flat then you can put it back in the press or flatten it using heavy books.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can add decoration to your paper during step 8.

Before you add your pulp to the deckle arrange your decorative items on the wire mesh.

If the items you add are absorbent like dried flowers give them a bit of time to get wet so they lay flat on the mesh.

Be extra careful when pouring on the pulp so as not to disturb your decorations too much.

If you prefer you can add the decorations in step 10 on top of the pulp so you can at least see where they are.

If you do it like this make sure they are wet and give them time to embed themselves into the pulp. 

What would you like to do now?

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