Homemade Valentine ideas

Looking for some homemade Valentine Ideas? Try these gorgeous origami hearts tutorial with step by step instructions and diagrams. These charming little hearts stand up on there own. 

The more you make the easier they get, give your Valentine a special homemade gift made with love.

Make someone special smile by placing these little hearts around the room.

You could leave messages on them for a personal touch.

This is the second page in a series on how to make origami hearts with step by step instructions and diagrams. If you would like to start back at the beginning go to origami hearts for page 1. 

Origami Hearts Tutorial Page 3

Repeat on the other side, crease firmly.

Turn the paper shape to the side and you will see a triangle shape sticking out.

Make a crease along this triangle shape as shown in the diagram.

Push the point of the triangle so the shape opens out along the creases you just made.

Push the point up against the body of the pyramid so it lays flat.

Open the flaps in the pointed triangle and pull apart until it lays flat again.

Let go of the point and open it out a little bit so the heart can stand.

Your origami heart is now complete.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Try decorating your heart with glitter or stickers or use patterned paper for an unusual effect.

You can write a message across the front of the heart at Step 19 once your message is written just open out the stand as in step 20.

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