How To Make A Necklace

Learn how to make a necklace with these step by step jewelry making instructions, diagrams and photos. The necklace odd one out is just one of Mia’s jewelry making projects for you to try.

We had a few odd beads we wanted to use and we think they look good together in this necklace.

With our jewelry making ideas you can make your own jewelry using odd beads to make a similar necklace.

Learn how to make a necklace using odd beads from other projects or old jewelry.

We called this necklace odd one out as the beads are different on either side of the pendant.

Odd One Out

Odd One Out is a simple cord and bead necklace with a pendant that is easily adapted to suit your style. In our how to make a necklace instructions we have given the size of the beads we used but it doesn’t matter if your beads are different sizes. The space between the beads and bead combinations can be changed to suit the beads you have available.

Mia's Top Tip

Odd one out is approx 41cm (16”) long when finished, this is without the chain.

The chain will add another 30cm (12”) to the length.

These lengths are easily adjusted by changing the length of cord or chain you use.

As the cord is knotted above the pendant it does not matter if the hole goes front to back or side to side.

Materials and Equipment

  • (1) A cross pendant (4cm)(1.5")
  • (2) 1 wooden round purple bead (2cm) approx (3/4")
  • (3) 10 flattened round silver discs (4mm) approx (1/8")
  • (4) 1 polymer clay round bead (15mm) approx (5/8")
  • (5) 2 purple glass rectangular beads (20mm) approx (6/8")
  • (6) 1 blue glass disc with hole in center (5mm) approx (3/16")
  • (7) 1 round silver spacer bead (5mm) approx (3/16")
  • (8) 1 blue glass bead (6mm) approx (2/8")
  • (9) 1 multicolored millefiori oval glass bead (20mm) approx (6/8")
  • (10) 2 large silver beads (12mm) approx (1/2")
  • (11) 2 round crimps
  • (12) 1 length of silver chain (14cm) approx (5 1/2")
  • (13) 1 length of silver chain (16cm) approx (6 2/8")
  • (14) 1 small charm
  • (15) 1 hook type clasp
  • (16) 4 jump rings (3 of these are optional)
  • (17) 80cm approx 31 1/2" of purple leather thong
  • Flat nose or general purpose pliers with smooth jaws

The jewelry making materials are numbered for ease of reference throughout the instructions. In the instructions where it says - Thread on (3), (5), (3) – you use one of number (3) on the list, one of number (5) etc.
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Lay your beads out on a bead tray or board to see if they look good together. Although the beads are different on each side try to keep the sizes similar. If you use a big bead on one side use two or three small beads together in the same place on the other side. Mix it up - use a mixture of big beads and small beads on both sides.

Need Supplies?

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How To Make A Necklace Tutorial

Thread the thong through the hole in the pendant(1) making sure the pendant is central.

Holding the lengths of thong together tie an overhand knot just above the pendant to secure.

Separate the ends.

Tie a knot in one length of thong approx 2cm from the knot above the pendant.

Thread the thong through (2) and tie a knot to secure.

Tie another knot about 1.2cm from the last knot. Thread on (3), (5), (3) and tie another knot to secure.

Tie a knot about 1.5cm from the last knot. Thread on (3), (6), (7), (8), (3) tie to secure.

Tie a knot about 1cm from the last knot and thread on (10).

Attach a crimp to the end see jewelry making tips leather crimps.

Using the length of thong tie a knot about 2cm from the knot above the pendant, use the first cord as a measure so the knots are in roughly the same place.

Thread on (3), (4), (3) and tie another knot to secure.

Using the first cord as a measure tie a knot in the thong in the same place as the first knot in step 6.

Thread on (3), (5), (3) and tie another knot to secure.

Tie a knot about 1.5cm from the last knot. Thread on (3), (9), (3) tie to secure.

Again using the first cord as a measure tie the last knot in line with the last knot on the first cord.

Thread on a (10).

Make sure both cords are the same length trim if necessary. Attach a crimp to the end as in step 9.

Attach the longer chain to one crimp, this can be done by attaching the chain directly to the crimp or with the optional jump rings (16) see jewelry making tips jump rings.

Then attach the clasp, again depending on the clasp you are using you can either attach the chain directly to the clasp or use another (16).

Attach the shorter chain to the other crimp as described above. Attach (14) to the end of the shorter chain using (16).

The hook type clasp can be hooked through any of the links in the shorter chain making the necklace very versatile.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Make a matching bracelet using a shorter length of cord and some more odd beads in similar colors.

The hook and chain method is not really suited to bracelets, it may come unhooked.

Make sure your bracelet will fit comfortably around your wrist, leave off the chain and attach a toggle or barrel clasp instead.

We hope you have enjoyed these jewelry making instructions on how to make a necklace. Odd One Out is just one of the necklaces I have on our how to make jewelry pages. With Mia’s jewelry making ideas you will soon learn how to make your own jewelry that is the both original in design and unique to you.

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