How To Make Beaded Jewelry

Learn how to make beaded jewelry, let me show you how with these free jewelry making instructions, diagrams and photos.
Jewelry making with beads is easy even if you never made any jewelry before.

Once you have mastered these basic beading techniques you will be able to progress to the more complicated jewelry making ideas.

These beading techniques can be used to make a whole range of jewelry.

There is really no need to learn more if you don’t want to, the variations are endless.

You can easily adapt these instructions to make bracelets or anklets.

Mia's Top Tip

If you have a bead tray you can use that to layout your design if not you can use a towel.

Look at our how to make beaded jewelry photos below to give you some ideas.

Materials and Equipment

  • A selection of beads
  • Tiger tail wire
  • A clasp
  • 2 crimps
  • A pair of general purpose pliers

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How to Make Beaded Jewelry

I have not given specific amounts for length of wire or number of beads. You can adapt the instructions to make your beaded necklace as long or short as you want.
First you need to decide how long you want your necklace, cut a length of tiger tail about 10cm longer than you want the finished necklace to be.

Arrange your beads in the design that you want, generally larger beads are used at the front of the necklace getting smaller towards the clasps. If you want to use all large beads, it may look better if each one is separated by a smaller bead or spacer bead.
Once you are happy with your design, make sure that your chosen beads will fit nicely on the length of tiger tail you have cut. Don’t forget that you need around 10cm of bare wire for the ends.

How to Make Beaded Jewelry Tutorial

Thread a crimp on to the wire holding it about 2cm from the end of the wire.

Thread on your clasp then bend the end of the wire back through the crimp.

See jewelry making tips crimps for more detailed instructions.

Using the pliers to squeeze the crimp closed, give the clasp a gentle tug to make sure the wire is secure.

Thread your beads onto the tiger-tail wire try to tuck the loose end of the wire down inside the first bead.

If the hole in the first bead is to narrow you can trim the wire so it just sticks out of the crimp.

When you have finished threading your beads hold the necklace up by the unfinished end and make sure the beads are pushed up close to the crimp at the other end.

Thread on another crimp and the other part of the clasp.

Bend the wire back round through the crimp leaving the same size loop as the other end. See jewelry making tips crimps for more detailed instructions.

Make sure you allow enough room so the necklace is flexible.

Squeeze the crimp firmly in the pliers and trim excess wire using the cutting part of the pliers.Tuck the end down through the beads if possible.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can easily make a matching bracelet or anklet by using a shorter piece of wire.

Using our jewelry making tips-headpins you can also make matching earrings.

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