How To Make Jewelry

You can learn how to make jewelry with these easy step-by-step instructions. Learning how to make your own jewelry will not only save you money it is a rewarding hobby too.

It’s not very expensive to get started and the basic techniques are easy.
I will show you how with our easy to follow beading techniques.

You will find lots of bead projects to get you started with clear diagrams and photos. With these free jewelry making instructions you will soon be creating your own stunning jewelry.

Here you will find lots of jewelry making ideas, beading techniques and bead projects suitable for all levels of experience. Some of them are simple enough for the kids to follow and require no prior knowledge of jewelry making.

How To Make Jewelry ~ Quick Links

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Jewelry Making With Beads

You will find many jewelry making ideas that can be made without buying loads of specialist equipment. I have included bead projects that just require beads and cord, no other specialist material or equipment needed.

Click on the image to go to Jewelry Making with Beads to see how you can make jewelry on a budget.

This tutorial will show you the basics of how to make a beaded necklace using just beads and cord.

Beading Techniques

Learn how to make jewelry with our simple beading techniques. In our jewelry making tips you will also find instructions on the basic beading techniques. Just click on the image or the caption to go to the instructions.

Jewelry Findings

Some of my jewelry making ideas may need basic jewelry making materials like wire, crimps, headpins, ear wires and clasps etc.

These materials often called jewelry findings are fairly inexpensive and easily obtained in craft shops or on the internet. You will find a pair of household pliers useful for many of the projects these must have the smooth jaws and be able to cut wire too.

Basic Techniques

Once you know the basic techniques of how to make jewelry you can adapt and apply them into endless variations. Even if you don’t want to progress to the more complicated techniques you will still be able to produce beautiful accessories.

You will find easy to follow instructions with diagrams and photo’s on how to use the following jewelry findings. Just click on the image or the caption to go to the instructions.

Bead Projects

Use your new found skills to make a gorgeous charm bracelet with a difference.
Once you have mastered these beading techniques you can use them in other projects too.

You can adapt these jewelry making ideas to make bead curtains, key rings or hand bag charms and so much more.

Just click on the image to go to How To Make a Bracelet

How To Make A Necklace

I have lots of jewelry making ideas for you.

These how to make jewelry pages have free jewelry making instructions with easy to follow diagrams and photographs.

I will also show you the best way to use the beads you already have, you’ll be so glad you didn’t throw those broken necklaces away.

Click on the image to go to How to Make a Necklace.

How To Make Beaded Jewelry

Once you’ve mastered the few basic techniques the possibilities become endless.

You will soon be making original jewelry to match your personality and outfits.

Click on the image to go to How to Make Beaded Jewelry for easy instructions on how to make a beaded necklace.

Using The Basic Techniques

When one of the basic techniques is used in a project it will link to that technique on the basic techniques page.

This is to keep the free jewelry making instructions as simple as possible.

The links will open on a new page so you don’t lose the page you are on.

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