How To Make Tassels

Learn how to make tassels with this easy to follow tutorial and photo's. Tassels have many uses and can add a bit of originality to a plain shop bought item.

The ones in this tutorial were made for a set of worry beads but I also explain how to make them for other projects.

Adding your own tassels not only gives you a chance to personalize your soft furnishing they can also save you money.

A cushion with tassels on each corner can be twice the price of a plain one without the tassels. 

You can add tassels to cushions, tiebacks, throws or worry beads as I have done here. 

They can also be used to decorate bookmarks or greeting cards, I'm sure you can think of lots more uses too. They are not difficult to make and you can use cotton cord, embroidery threads, yarn or even fabric scraps to make them. 

Mia's Top Tip

Use an old greetings card to wrap your cord or wool around.

This helps you to make sure that all your threads are he same length which is useful if you need to do a few more.

It makes it easy to cut the cord too as you can slip the point of the scissors into the opening of the card to help control the cut.

If you don't gave a greetings card in the right size you can use a book or make your own wrapping card.

Materials and Equipment

• Cord or wool
• Scissors
• Something to wrap the cord around

Need Supplies?

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How To Make Tassels Tutorial

Cut your thread to twice the length that you will want for the finished tassels.

If you are making these tassels to decorate your worry beads then you can attach them directly using the threads under the shield bead knot as the wrapping cord.

If you are making them for another purpose either add a doubled length of cord as in Mia's craft Ideas or you can make them on their own using a doubled length of cord for wrapping.

Tie the wrapping cord around the center of the tassel cords and secure with a knot. 

Keep the wrapping cord separate from the tassel cords.

Gather the tassel cords together and tie the wrapping cord around the top of the cords but under the knot you just made.

This gives a nice head to your tassel.

Lay one end of the wrapping cord next to the tassel threads.

Wrap the other wrapping cord around the tassel a few times and then slip the end through one of the wraps to secure.

Trim the ends of the tassel cords so they are all the same length.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

If you want to add a tassel to the corner of a piece of fabric like a cushion then take a length of cord at least 4 times the length of your tassel.

Secure the cord to the corner of the fabric with a stitch.

Make sure the ends are of equal length.

Create the tassel as shown in the how to make tassels tutorial, using the cord from the fabric to do the wrapping.

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