How To Make Worry Beads

Learn how to make worry beads with these step by step instructions and photo's. Worry beads make an unusual and thoughtful gift especially for someone going through a stressful time.

Greek worry beads are usually made from natural substances like wood or amber as these feel nice to touch. You can use any beads in this project as long as they feel nice when handling them.

These beads are stress relief toys and have no religious significance so can be used by anyone.

They will need a large enough hole for the stringing cord to go through. 

The cord should be sturdy enough not to break as the beads will be handled a lot and will be constantly rubbing the cord. You will also need one larger bead which is called the shield bead that both ends of the cord will be threaded through.

This tutorial will show you how to make a very easy and simple set of worry beads. Older children should find this project easy and fun and they make great gifts for Mom or Dad.

Mia's Top Tip

Worry beads are made from a single cord loop that is about twice the length of your palm.

You will need to use a piece of cord that is at least 5 palm lengths to allow for the finishing.

Worry beads usually have an odd number of beads threaded onto the cord.

The number of beads is usually in multiples of four plus an extra one. So you could have 17 beads (4x4+1=17) or 21 beads (5x4+1=21) etc. These beads should move freely along the cord.

The shield bead will need to have a large enough hole to fit two lengths of cord through side by side.

For this project you will need two extra beads for the ends of the threads. If you would prefer to finish your worry beads with a tassel you can find a link to a tutorial further down this page.

Materials and Equipment

• Cord cut to 5 hand widths
• Beads - see my top tips on how many beads you will need
• One larger bead sometimes called a shield bead.

Need Supplies?

Go to worry beads supplies to find all you need for this craft.
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How To Make Worry Beads Tutorial

Cut your cord to the required length.

Tie a loose knot in one end and thread on your beads.

Once all your beads are threaded onto the cord undo the knot.

Slide the shield bead over both ends making sure the ends are the same length.

Tie a knot below the shield bead.

Make sure you leave the main beaded loop two palm widths in length.

Separate the two cords below the knot and add a bead and knot at each end to finish.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Now you know how to make worry beads you might like to try to make a set with a tassel. The one shown in the photo was made using glass beads and cotton cord.

The basic instructions are the same as the tutorial above the only difference is you may want to allow a bit more cord to use as the wrapping thread of your tassel.

You will also need extra cord for the tassel itself. Follow the instructions above but do not add the beads to the ends of the cord.

Click on the image above or the link for instructions on how to make tassels. These links will open a new window so you don't lose this page.

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