How To Use Worry Beads

Do you want to know how to use worry beads as a stress relief aid. There is not a right or wrong way to use worry beads, you can use them in whatever way helps to relieve your stress.

Just handling them and rolling the beads through your fingers can help especially if you are feeling nervous or anxious. 

The beads feel nice and make a pleasant clicking sound as the hit each other. 

I have described 3 different ways on how to use your worry beads below though there are many others. 

Once you start handling your beads you will soon find the your own way of using them.

Mia's Top Tip

My own children made their first sets from plastic beads.

As children tend to really play with the beads they do need to be tough.

My children would spin the beads around their finger until they would fly off to see who could get their beads to go the furthest.

The poor beads would hit the wall or bounce off the wardrobe but they didn't break.

As plastic beads are cheap the kids could use them as they wanted without me getting stressed that they would be breaking an expensive toy.

The cord we used would break sometimes but we would just gather up the beads and restring them.

Plastic beads don't hurt so much if you end up on the receiving end of the flying beads as well. Although there were rules in place so that they didn't hurt each other with the beads, occasionally they would go flying off in an expected direction. Or someone would walk into the room just as the beads were flying through the air.

How To Use Worry Beads

The Counting Method

I call this the counting method as you move through each bead you can count them.

Hold your worry beads so they are lying between your thumb and index finger.

The shield bead should be in your palm and the other beads lying across the back of your fingers.

Use your thumb to bring up one bead over the side of your hand and slide it down to hit the shield bead.

Repeat the action with all the other beads until they are all in the palm of your hand.

You can count the beads as you are doing it or repeat affirmations such as saying 'I will be calm' every time you move a bead. Just do whatever helps you to relax.

The Swinging Method

Hold the beads between your index and middle finger.

Separate the beads into two groups so half of them hang in front of your fingers and the other half behind.

Swing the beads that are behind your fingers up and over your index finger until they hit the beads in your palm.

They will make a nice clicking noise as the beads hit each other. Just keep swinging the beads back and forth.

The Playing Method

This is probably the simplest and most effective of all the how to use worry beads methods.

Loop the cord around your middle finger so all the beads are in the palm of your hand.

Move the beads around and roll them between your fingers and thumb.

Hold the beads in your hand and just move them up and down the cord or roll them in your fist.

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