Knot Tying Instructions

These  basic knot tying instructions will show you how to tie knots. You will soon learn how with these easy to follow step by step instructions and diagrams.

Knots are used everyday, from tying shoelaces to putting on a necktie or wrapping a present with a nice bow to securing a load to the roof of your car.

These knot tying instructions will show you how to tie the knots needed in any of the craft ideas you will find on this site.

I will also give you reasons for using a particular knot and tips on other uses for each knot.

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Overhand Knot

This is a really useful knot which is used in lots of crafts.

The overhand knot is very tough and once pulled tight it usually stays put.

It can also be used as a temporary knot as it's easy to undo if it's not pulled tight.

Slip Knot

This knot is really useful and has can be used for many craft ideas.

It can be used instead of a clasp for a corded necklace.

The slip knot is also useful for holding things together temporarily whilst gluing as it is easy to remove later.

Figure 0f 8 Knot

This is a really tough knot and useful if you need that extra security.

The figure of eight knot makes a slightly bigger knot than the overhand making it useful for using with calottes in jewelry making.

It does not make a good temporary knot though as it's harder to undo than an overhand knot.

Reef Knot

The reef knot is great for joining fabric strips or lengths of yarn.

When done correctly the ends will stay close to the fabric or yarn rather than stick out in different directions.

It's not a particularly sturdy knot but is fine for most craft projects.

It is also easy to undo if you don't pull it to tight so can be used as a temporary knot where necessary.

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