How To Make A Fringe

You can make a fringe to add to a scarf or blanket with my easy to follow instructions and pictures.  Learn how to decorate anything with a pretty fringe edging.

Lacy fabric like a crochet blanket or scarf has natural holes in which you can add a fringe. 

Solid fabrics will need an little more work as you  will have to create the holes to add the fringe. 

Both methods are still straight forward and once you know how it's done you will find it easy to add a fringe to any item of clothing or soft furnishing.

You can also add a fringe to solid objects like the sticks in a God's eye weaving. 

Adding a fringe to something you have made gives it a really nice finish. You can also add a fringe to shop bought items to give them a more personalized unique look.

Mia's Top Tip

You can use an old book to wrap your cord or wool around.

This helps you to make sure that all your threads are the same length which is useful if you need to do a few more.

It makes it easy to cut the cord too as you can slip the point of the scissors between the pages of the book to help control the cut.

Another way is to use an old greetings card or piece of card folded in half.

Materials and Equipment

  • Cord or wool
  • Scissors 
  • Something to wrap the cord around

How To Make A Fringe Tutorial

Cut your wool to twice the length that you will want for the finished fringe. 

The diagram only shows one thread for clarity but you should use all the threads you need for your fringe. 

Fold your wool in half making sure the ends are the same length.

Turn your fabric so the wrong side is facing you.

I find it easier to work from the back, but you will find your own best method once you have done a few.

Thread the wool under the loop in the fabric as shown in the diagram.

Bend the loop in the thread towards you.

Thread the ends of the thread through the loop in the thread.

Pull the ends of the wool to tighten the loop.

Turn your fabric over so you can see the fringe from the front.

As you pull the ends of the wool thread you can make slight adjustments, making sure that the fringe looks okay.

Once you have done a few and you know how it works you will not need to keep checking as the process becomes almost automatic.

Just check every now again that the front of the work looks neat.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

It's easy to add a fringe to a finished fabric item.

If you want a fringe going all the way along the edge just add some long stitches along the edge as shown in the diagram.

Make sure you use a strong thread or cord so it doesn't break when you add the fringe.

The diagram shows the stitches as loops but you will want to draw the stitches close to the fabric just make that they are loose enough to add the fringe.

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