Make Handmade Paper

Learn how to make handmade paper and recycle your old newspapers. These pretty papers can have lots of uses from scrap-booking to gift tags.

Make something gorgeous by adding pressed flowers or glitter to the pulp.

This tutorial will show you how recycling waste paper can be fun and how to turn it into something new and unique.

Depending on what you use and the decoration you add you can make every sheet completely original.

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Make Handmade Paper Tutorial Page 2

In the large bowl  add a little bit of water, there should be just enough to cover the mesh of your frame.

Hold the frame down in the water and remove any air bubbles. The easiest way to remove air bubbles is to push them to the sides of the frame. Make sure you keep the frame under water as you are doing this.

Once the air bubbles have been pushed to the side gently tilt the frame slightly allowing the bubbles to escape

Pour on some of your pulp onto the mesh.  

It takes a bit of practice to work out exactly how much you need.

Try to keep the pulp within the frame as much as possible.

Spread the pulp evenly over the mesh.

You can add  little more pulp if you have some thin areas.

Keeping the deckle as straight as possible lift it out of the water.

Hold it over the bowl for a minute or so until most of the water has drained from the pulp.

If the pulp is uneven then you can put it back in the water to even it out.

Carefully lay the deckle onto your towel near the bowl.

Remove the top frame of the deckle.

Make sure that the pulp stays on the mesh of the other half of the deckle.

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