How To Make Pom Poms

Learn how to make pom-poms with these step by step instructions and photo's. Pom-poms make great decorations and will brighten any room in the house. 

Spray them with perfume or add a few drops of essential oils to make pretty air fresheners. 

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Mia's Top Tip

Using different colored yarns make lovely eye catching pom poms.

Small pom-poms in one color can look quite effective too.

The small red pom-pom in the photo would look great on a Christmas tree.

How To Make Pom-Poms - Part 2

The hole in the center will get smaller until you can only pass a single thread through.

You may need a crochet hook or darning needle to pull the tread through the hole.

When you can't get any more thread through the center hole you have almost finished.

Pull the threads apart to reveal the card circles as in the photo.

Push the point of your scissors between the card circles and cut the yarn all the way around.

Don't remove the card yet but pull them apart a little bit so you can see the yarn in the middle.

Take a long piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle of the pom-pom a couple of times and pull tight.

Tie a knot to secure.

If you plan on hanging your pom-pom make sure the yarn is long enough.

Remove the card from the pom-pom.

If you do this carefully you can re-use the card to make another pom-pom.

Hold your pom pom from the longer yarn that you will use to hang the pom-pom with.

Fluff up the yarn and trim off any knots and uneven threads.

Tie a knot in the ends of the longer threads and hang your finished pom-pom where ever you want.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Try using other materials to make your pom poms.

Save scraps of ribbon, string or other threads to make some great variations.

If you don't have a lot of a particular type of thread make a small pom pom or try mixing different types of thread together.

The smaller the hole in the center the less thread you will need. Though your pom pom will not be very fluffy if you make the hole too small.

Make a Halloween Spider

Make this cute Halloween spider from 2 pom poms and pipe cleaners.

A great decoration for your Halloween party and fun to make too.

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