Make Your Own Candle Holders

Learn how to make your own candle holders using polymer clay canes. This is a great way to turn a plain candle holder into something special and unique. This candle holder is made by molding the clay onto a glass base.

 The  glass base is baked with the clay and becomes part of the finished item. 

You must use an ovenproof mold for the base object.

As the temperatures for baking clay are usually low glass is fine as long as it is not too thin.

Leave the project in the oven to cool down as the glass may crack if cooled to quickly. 

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Make Your Own Candle Holders Tutorial

Carefully roll out a length of clay cane so it has a diameter of around 1cm (1/2").

Cut several slices approx 0.5cm (1/4") from your  cane.

Join these to the ones already on your candle holder base.

Continue all the way round the top of the candle holder.

Smooth the joins as you work.

Add the base you made earlier, position it centrally as in the photo. 

Smooth down all the edges so the sides and base are joined together. 

Turn the candle holder up the right way round and make sure it sits level on a flat surface.

Neaten the edges at the top if necessary.

Bake according to the manufacturers instructions.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can use this technique to cover other oven proof items to give them a new lease of life.

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