Making Christmas Ornaments Page 2

Making Christmas ornaments page 2 is the last page in a series of instructions on how to make tree ornaments from wire and beads.

Making Christmas decorations is a great way to spend some quality time with older children, as they will love making these pretty stars.

A set of 4 or 6 of these stars would make a lovely gift for someone special. 

If you would like to start from the beginning. You can find the first page of instructions at making Christmas ornaments.

Making Christmas Ornaments ~ Page 2

Fix the thin beading wire to the top of the star.

We wrapped it around the join several times until it stayed in place.

Thread the beading wire between the two wires that make the point of the star below the hook.

Thread it under, then over the wire on the right. bring it over the gap then wrap it once around the wire on the left.

Thread it under the gap then wrap it around the wire on the right.

Thread on a bead making sure it sits nicely in the gap between the points of the star.

Continue to wrap the wire adding beads occasionally.

We alternate between adding the beads to the wire going over the gap then to the wire going under the gap.

For this size star we used approx 5 beads per point.

If you have a short length of wire fasten it off by wrapping it around the wire to one side several times.

If you stil have a long piece of wire wrap it around the wire leading up to the top of the next point and continue wrapping from there.

Attach a new length of wire if necessary to the top of the next point, wrap as before and continue adding beads.

Once you have done all five points you are ready to start the center if you want or you can leave the center as it is.

If you have only a little length of beading wire left attach some more as in the photo.

Thread on a bead and pull the thread across the center of the star as in the photo.

Wrap as you did for the points adding beads as you go.

If you run out of beading wire just add some more as you did when making the points.

Work around the center three or four times.

Each central point should have the wire coming from it in two different directions creating a star pattern in the center.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

When making Christmas ornaments of different sizes it's easy to work out how much wire is required.

Each star has 10 sides in our example we made each side 2cm (1") long, we made an extra side for ease of joining the points at the top. 

We then added an extra 8cm (3") for the hook, which gave us a total of 30cm (12") of wire.

You can adjust these measurements to make a variation of different sized stars, always allow extra if you are unsure as it's easier to trim it down than to make do with not enough wire.

Try using two different colored beading wires at the same time for a two-tone effect.

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