Making Dream Catchers

Making dream catchers is traditionally a Native American craft that is now popular all over the World.

Whether you believe in their intended purpose or not they make pretty additions to any home. Originally made from willow and nettle fiber or sinew they were made to look like a spiders web.

Each part of the dream catcher has a special meaning.

The hoop used to hold the web can represent unity, strength and the circle of life.

The bead represents the spider or creator of the web of life.

The feathers allow the good dreams a way to gently leave the web and find there way to the dreamer.

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Making Dream Catchers Tutorial Page 2

Thread the cord through the loop created and pull tight.

If your hoop is more flexible don't pull so tight that you distort your hoop.

As this bit is a little fiddly I have created a diagram to help you see what I am doing.

Pull the thread taut and lay it flat against the inside of the hoop as shown with arrow number 1. Pass the thread to the back of the hoop, arrow number 2. Then bring the thread over the front of the hoop arrow number 3. Finally pass the thread through the gap between the hoop and cord, arrow number 4.

This creates the anchor threads that your web will be attached to. Make sure your anchors are evenly spaced around the hoop and each one is pulled taut to the hoop.  Repeat these instructions all the way around the hoop. 

Once you have created all the anchors around the hoop, pass the thread through the first loop, (between the hoop and thread as shown by the arrow in the photo).

Pull the thread tight. 

Here's another tricky bit. It's not hard to do but it's difficult to get a clear photo of the process as it's a bit small and fiddly.

Bring your cord up and over the next loop following arrow #1. Pass the cord between the hoop and the loop created in the last round. Create a movable anchor on that loop by bringing the cord around following arrow #2.

Keep the tension taut but not so tight your cord snaps.

Continue in a spiral working towards the center of your dream catcher.

As it can be quite tiring keeping the cord taut, especially if you are doing a larger version, secure the cord around the top of your dream catcher to give your hands a rest. 

Stop weaving when the hole in the center is small enough to hold your bead.

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