Making A God's Eye

Making a God's eye is easy with my step by step tutorial and easy to follow diagrams. These brightly colored wall hangings look great in any room.

God's eyes originated in Mexico and Ojo de Dios is Spanish for Eye of God.

They were made as sacred objects often found at places of worship so that the eye of God would watch over them and their loved ones.

They were often made for children and would brighten any child's bedroom. 

You can make them in your child's favorite colors. Older children will be able to make them on their own though they may need a little help in getting started.
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How To Make A God's Eye - Page 2

You may find it easier to turn your sticks as you work. If you have labelled them first you won't forget where you are.

Bring the yarn diagonally over the front of the sticks so it is between [a] and [b].

Take the yarn behind stick [b] and up between [b] and [c].

Bring the yarn diagonally across the front of the sticks so it's between [d] and [a]. 

Take the yarn behind stick [a] and up between [a] and [b].

Your sticks should now be more secure and we can now start the weaving process.

Bring your thread across the front of the sticks [a] and [d]. 

Go behind stick [d] and up between sticks [d] and [a].

Take your yarn across the front of sticks [d] and [c] so it's between sticks [c] and [b].

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