Making Polymer Beads

Making polymer beads is easy with these step by step instructions and photo's. These beads will always be unique and original to you as it's almost impossible to reproduce the blending effects.

You don't need any specialist equipment to make these beads.

The things you do need like a rolling pin and cutting blade can be found in most kitchens.

Try experimenting by adding more layers of clay.

You can also try different color combinations for different effects.

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Making Polymer Beads Tutorial

Continue rolling the clay tightly making sure there are no air bubbles between the layers.

Roll the log to make it thinner and longer as shown in the photo.

Take care not to twist the log too much or the colors will all blend together.

Cut the log into several smaller logs depending on the size of beads you require. 

This is what your log should now look like from the end.

As you can see you have a solid color on the outside of the log and a swiss roll pattern on the inside.

The next steps will reverse this so the solid color is on the inside and the pattern is on the outside.

Cut one of the smaller logs in half so the internal swirl pattern can be seen.

The instructions are now different depending on whether you want to create tube shaped or round beads.

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