Origami Gift Box

These origami gift boxes make a great paper jewelry box for small gifts like earrings or cufflinks. You can use them to hold sweets, candy or even dog treats.

They are also great for  party favors for any age group.

What about making it into a party activity where the guests make their own box.

Just provide a selection of ready cut paper and show them how to make the folds. 

You will find lots more great ideas for your box at the bottom of the page.

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Mia’s Craft Ideas

Here are a few more craft ideas for you to try with your Origami Box.

There are many ways you can decorate the origami box and personalize it. 

Sticky ribbon is easy to apply and gives a nice touch. 

Decorate the paper with one of our painting techniques before folding. Use tissue paper either shredded or scrunched up in the base to hold small things.
For a nice finish you can cut a piece of card to fit in the base of the origami box. Try different effects, use complimentary or contrasting colors.
Use as an activity at a kids party, summer camp or scouts meeting, fill with something from our other free paper crafts.

Origami Gift Box Tutorial Page 2

Open the paper out, you should see lots of creases creating a regular diamond pattern on the paper. 

Fold one corner to the center along the crease already made.

Then fold the opposite corner to the center as in the photo.

Fold in half again so the long edges are in the center.

Lift the long edges so they are at right angles to the base of the box.

These will be the sides of the box.

Fold a small crease along the diagonal as shown in the diagram.

This should just be in this square and should go in the opposite direction to the other creases.

Repeat in the same place on the other corners.

On one side of the box using your fingers push both of these corners in towards each other.

The paper above the central crease will lift up to create the side of the box.

Fold the paper down over the side of the box, the point should be in the center of the box touching the others.

Repeat the process for the other side and your box is finished.

Mia’s Origami Gift Box Ideas

Buy several small things with a similar theme that will fit in your box.

  • A pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, small paper pad

  • A small teddy bear and some chocolates

  • A few beads and some cord to make a necklace or bracelet

They might not look much on their own but putting them together in your origami box they will make a great gift.
Your origami box will make a gorgeous paper jewelry box. Make it an extra special gift by making your own handmade jewelry.
Put sweets or cookies in a clear plastic bag, tie ribbon around the bag and present them in your box.
Many of our other craft ideas will look great presented in your origami box.

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