Origami Heart Supplies

All items have been carefully chosen to help you find the best origami heart supplies available at Amazon.com.

I have either used these products myself or carefully gone through the customer reviews to find those most suitable for the task.

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Origami Heart Supplies

Colored Paper

A4 Assorted Colored Origami Paper 10 color, 100 sheets

100 A4 sheets in 10 colors will you give you plenty of choice when making for your paper crafts.

At the time of writing the pack contains 10 different colors. 

Laser and inkjet compatible 

A big pack that can be used for lots of other paper crafts too.

Pacon Tru-Ray Construction Paper, 9-Inches by 12-Inches, 50-Count

50 sheets in 10 colors will you give you plenty of choice when making for your paper crafts.

At the time of writing the standard pack contains 10 colors -  Black, Blue, Dark Brown, Festive Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, White and Yellow.

Non gummed so you may need an adhesive.

These sheets are 9" by 12" and can be used for lots of paper crafts too.

Pacon Creative Products Heavyweight Construction Paper, 684 Sheets

If you do lots of crafts using colored paper then this is a great buy.

684 sheets of 12 colors, there's enough for everyone to choose their favorites.

Good quality paper, not too thick or too thin, suitable for lots of craft projects.

Non gummed so you may need an adhesive. 


Fiskars 8 Inch Softgrip Scissors Straight, Stainless Steel

Fiskars make great scissors and I use several pairs from their range for different purposes.

The soft grip makes cutting comfortable, even if there is lots to do.

These are great general purpose scissors.

Thet have a long blade which you may find awkward when cutting out detailed shapes. The smaller ones below may be preferable for fiddly shapes.

Tim Holtz 817 Kushgrip Non Stick Micro Serrated Snips, 7"

These Tim Holtz small bladed scissors are great for detailed cutting.

The blades are really sharp and strong and will cut through any card with ease. 

These scissors are small but they are not suitable for children, they are very sharp with a pointed tip.

They have a non-stick coating so you can cut through tape without leaving sticking stuff on your scissors. .

Large kushgrip handles for comfort of use.

Also comes with a protective cap for safe storage.

Fiskars Pre-School Training Scissors, Color Received May Vary

These Fiskars pre-school training scissors are great for teaching kids how to cut.

They have a lever that opens the scissors automatically so the child can learn the open-close technique of using scissors, once mastered the lever can be flipped up for regular cutting.

Blunt tips and designed to cut only paper for safe learning.

You can't choose your colors but little ones won't really care about the color while they are learning to cut like the big kids.

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