Origami Hearts

Make some origami hearts to give to the one you love with this Valentine's day project. There is nothing as special as making your own homemade Valentine day gifts we will show you how with our Valentine craft ideas.

Origami can be quite tricky to get the hang of. We have found the instructions often seem to be written in another language.

After all what is a valley fold? We'll have to go and look it up and by the time we get back we've forgotten where we were anyway.

These hearts are instinctive and we've left out all the confusing terms. There are still a lot of instructions though and they do take some patience but we hope you have some fun giving them a go.

Materials and Equipment

  • A square sheet of paper
  • Patience

Mia's Top Tip

The instructions for this seem to go on forever and it does seem quite tricky at first.

Once you have made one it does get easier and you'll soon be making them whilst watching the telly.

Make sure you crease the folds firmly so you heart doesn't come undone.

Origami Heart Tutorial Page 1

Fold your paper as shown in the diagram and unfold it again.

The pink represents the colored side and grey represents the plain side.

Fold the two bottom corners into the center.

Fold in half.

Fold the top corner down as in the diagram then open it out.

Turn the paper over and fold along the same crease then unfold again.

Open the top of the paper and push the creases you have just made out on either side.

Crease firmly your paper should look like the diagram when viewed from the front.

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