Fairy Ornament Dough

Mia's fairy ornament dough instructions will show you how to make this gorgeous fairy plaque.

This plaque would look great in the kitchen  or on a little girls bedroom wall. 

This is the second page in a series of instructions on how to make a fairy plaque from salt dough.

If you want to start at the beginning go to salt dough creations.

Fairy Ornament Dough Tutorial Page 2

Roll out a piece of dough and cut it into two equal pieces for the arms of the fairy.

Put one of the arms to one side to use later.

Place the other one next to the body as in the photo.

Use a little water and the knife or flat modelling tool to fix in place on the dough circle.

Roll out another piece of dough and cut in to two equal pieces for the legs of the fairy.

Position at the bottom of the body, with one hanging over the mushroom cap.

Fix in place with a little water.

Roll out a piece of dough as thin as you can without it tearing.

Cut out a rectangle as seen in the photo.

Apply a little water to one of the long edges of the rectangle.

Gather the dampened edges together to create a pleated effect.

Position the skirt on to the fairy covering the top of the legs and the bottom of the body.

Use the modelling tools and a little water to fix it in place and folds nicely over the mushroom cap.

Make a slightly smaller rectangle for the top of the dress. Place it over the top of the body.

Use the modelling tools and a little bit of water to hold it in place.

Add the other arm now on top of the dress.

You can use a small bit of dough to create a sleeve effect as seen in the photo.

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Make a larger base for a more elaborate salt dough ornament. Instead of a fairy try teddy bears, animals or flowers.

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