Outdoor Candle Holders

These outdoor candle holders are made from old glass jars so they are not just practical and gorgeous, they are environmentally friendly too. Learn how to make your own unique candle holder with my easy to follow tutorial.

We have used an old jar that used to have pasta sauce in it for this project.

You can use any glass jar that is big enough to hold a candle.

The photo below shows how we used an old coffee jar with a different shape.

These are great for outdoor candle holders as they protect the flame from any wind and are reasonably safe even if they do fall over. Never leave lit candles unattended though.

Mia's Top Tip

This project will take several days to complete as you need to leave the string to dry overnight before you can continue working on it.

Make sure you have somewhere safe to leave your jar to dry.

We use stones or gravel in the base of our outdoor candle holders as they add weight to the jar.

Materials and Equipment

  • Old glass jar
  • String
  • P.V.A. glue or white kids glue
  • Water
  • Old scissors to cut gluey string
  • Lidded container for glue
  • Baby wipe or similar cleaning cloth
  • Paint and brushes(optional)
  • Stones or gravel
  • Candle

Need Supplies?

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Outdoor Candle Holders Tutorial

You will need to prepare a work area that is easy to clean as glue will go everywhere.

Put a tablespoonful of glue into a container and add the same amount of water, stir until the mixture is smooth.

Cut off a long piece of string and completely cover it in glue.

Start at the bottom of the jar. Create a spiral working from the center.

Make sure the string is completely soaked so it sticks to the jar and itself.

You will be able to move the spiral around to get the best position whilst the glue is still wet.

Trim the string if necessary.

This will make a mess of your scissors but they can be cleaned afterwards.

If your piece of string was too short to complete the base just add more until it is all covered.

Start adding spirals to the sides of the jar.

Make sure the string is completely soaked.

Add as many spirals as you can without damaging the work you have already done.

While the string is still wet the spirals can be moved around to get the best positions.

Don't forget to leave an opening on one side for the light of the candle to shine through.

Leave overnight to dry. Put the lid on your glue container so that you can use it next time.

You will now be able to put the jar down on the base while you finish it off.

Continue working more spirals and wrap string around the top part of the jar to give it a neat finish.

Fill in the gaps between the spirals with short lengths of string.

Leave the jar to dry completely before decorating.

Once the string is completely dry you can paint it if you want to.

We have used artists acrylic paint to decorate our candle holders as it dries quickly and gives a hard wearing finish.

Clean the glue off of the front of the glass jar using a baby wipe or similar cloth cleaner.

We have put stones in the bottom of the jar for the candle to rest on.

The photo below shows the candle holder from different sides.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

This is a great project as it will help the environment by recycling and you get a unique candle holder without breaking the bank.

You can use the same techniques to make lots of decorative glass jars. Cover the jar completely for vases or leave the area for the lid clear of string to make glass storage jars.

The possibilities for practical cheap decorative ideas are endless.

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