Papel Picado

This is the second page in our papel picado series. You will find the rest of instructions on how to complete your paper cutting craft. This delicate tissue paper bunting would look lovely outside at a summer party. You don't have to use the pattern just for bunting either.

You could glue one of your cut-outs onto a piece of card and frame it. 

The tissue paper is very delicate so it would probably be a good idea to cover it with glass or spray it with varnish to protect it.

Test a scrap piece of tissue first if using varnish to make sure it doesn't strip the color from the tissue.

If you want to start at the beginning of the instructions. This link will take you to the first page of instructions for our paper cutting craft. You will find your free template on that page for you to download.

Papel Picado Tutorial Page 2

To cut out the smaller areas around the sun use the pointed edge of the chisel.

Make small light taps adjusting the angle of the blade so that you don't cut through the white areas.

You may need to use a pointed tool to remove the tissue paper.

If the tissue paper will not just lift out use the chisel or a knife to cut it free.

As with the square area, keep chiseling and removing the tissue paper until the area is cleared.

Continue removing the black areas from the papel picado pattern.

Use the hammer and chisel to go around the edges of the pattern.

Continue working until the whole thing can be removed from the cutting board.

Take your tissue paper off of your cutting board and discard the template.

Separate your tissue paper cuts into different colors if you want to.

Apply glue along the top edge as shown in the photo.

Place the string above the glue.

Fold the top edge down over the string.

Continue adding more paper cuts until your bunting is the required length.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

You can create your own designs quite easily.

Sketch a pattern onto a white piece of paper then draw around the outline.

Color the areas that you will cut out in a dark color.

Check that the white areas all join together because this will represent your tissue paper.

You may have to transfer the design to a new piece of paper several times before you get it right.

What would you like to do now?

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