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Making crepe paper daffodils can be a little tricky and takes some time but this step by step tutorial with lots of photo's will help you every step of the way. These beautiful paper flowers will make a great gift for someone special and will last for ages.

You can make these flowers any size you like just adjust the template and stems accordingly.

You can make them any color you want though yellows, oranges and whites look great you could try them in blues, reds or purple too. 

This is the second page in a series of tutorials if you want to start at the beginning go to paper daffodils page 1.

Paper daffodils in a vase

Paper Daffodils Tutorial ~ Page 2

Stick a thin strip of double-sided sticky tape to the shorter edge of crepe paper.

Peel off the backing of the double-sided sticky tape and stick to the other short side creating a tube.

The masking tape should be on the inside of the tube.


Place a length of double-sided sticky tape on a piece of crepe paper.  This will be used for the pistil and stamens in the center of the daffodil so make sure you choose the right color.

I used a piece 30cm (12") long which was enough for everything I needed. If you are not making the stamens then you won't need so much.

If you do need more it's easy to just make a little extra.

Leave the backing on the double-sided tape and cut the strip in half length ways.

Cut of small pieces 2cm (1") long from the end of one of the strips.

If you are making the stamens you will need 5 of these.

If you are not making the stamens then you will only need 1 of them.

Cut the remaining strips in half again as shown in the photo.

Take one of the short pieces you cut off in step 12 and remove the backing.

Place it on the end of the garden wire and push down so it covers the end.

Using one of the longer thin strips remove some of the backing from the end and attach it to the wire as shown in the photo.

Wrap the sticky crepe paper around the wire removing the backing as you go.

Cut off the paper once you have covered the area of double wire.


You can miss the next 3 steps if you are not making the stamens and continue from step 20.

Cover the thin wire in the same way you covered the thicker wire.
Use the small pieces from step 12 on both ends of the thinner wire and cover the entire length with the strips of sticky crepe paper.

Once covered bend the wire in half as shown in the photo.

Using more of the thin strips of sticky crepe paper attach the stamens to the pistil.

This is easier to do if you attach one at a time.

The stamens should be slightly shorter than the pistil.

Attach the second pair of stamens to the pistil on the opposite side to the first pair.

Place the stamens inside the corona you made earlier so they line up with the top of it.

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