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Make your own paper daffodils with my easy to follow instructions that will last all year round.  Daffodils look wonderful in the garden and along the embankments and are a sign of warmer weather and longer days. 

These pretty flowers make a great gift for Easter, wrap them as you would cut flowers and they will travel well. 

You can close the petals around the corona to protect them and open them out again once you get to your destination.

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A paper daffodil in a sunny window

Paper Daffodils Tutorial Page 3

Gather the corona as evenly as possible around the stem. 

Check that the pistil and stamens are just below the wavy edge of the corona before fixing it in place.

Use masking tape to hold it in position. The masking tape should reach the same height on the outside as it does on the inside.

I continue to cover the whole stem in masking tape as it bulks out the wire a little and will bring out the green of the stem once covered.


Cut the petals out of crepe paper using the template provided.

You want them to stretch across the petal so make sure you place them the right way round.

Once you have cut the out you should be able to stretch them a little by placing your thumbs near the center and pulling gently as shown in the photo.
Don't pull too hard or you will rip the petal.

Cut off three small strips from the end of your double-sided sticky tape.

Then cut them in half so you have 6 pieces. I put these on the edge of the sticky tape roll so they are easy to pick up when I need them.

Take one petal and fold it in half and pinch the fold before opening it out again.

Use the sticky tape to hold it in position but leave the backing on for now. Repeat for the other 5 petals.

Use a length of double-sided sticky tape on your green tissue paper. I covered a length of 40cm (16") which would give me enough to cover the stem later.

Trim the paper so you just have the sticky-backed green tissue but leave the backing on for now.

From one end cut off 6 triangle shapes for the sepals as shown in the photo.

If you do not want to add sepals you can miss these steps and continue from step 29.

Remove the backing from one of the green triangles and attach it to the back of your petal.

Not the side that already has the double-sided tape.

Repeat for all the petals so they have the green sepal on one side and the double-sided tape on the other.

Remove the backing of the double-sided tape from the front of one of your petal.

Attach it to the stem so it just covers the masking tape that holds the corona to the stem.

Attach 2 more petals to the stem spacing them evenly as shown in the photo. Attach the last three petals in the spaces between first three.

You can see the rest of the petals in place in step 38 on the next page.

Cut the remaining sticky back green tissue half then half again so you have 4 narrow strips.

Remove the backing from one end of a strip and attach to the outside of the petal.

Make sure you cover the base of the petal to help secure it to the stem. 

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