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Make your own paper daffodils with my free template and easy to follow tutorial. These pretty flowers are not just for spring but will last all year round.

These will look great in any room of the house, brighten your day with a bunch of homemade flowers in every room.

Try making them in white or any color that matches your decor.

This is the fourth and last page in a series of tutorials if you want to start at the beginning go to paper daffodils page 1.

crepe paper daffodils in a vase

Paper Daffodils Tutorial page 4

Wrap the green tissue all the way down the stem removing the backing as you go.

If you run out then just start a new strip overlapping the old one slightly.


This is optional if you don't want a leaf then go straight to step 38.

Lay the leaf template on a piece of green tissue paper that is twice its width.

Stick double sided sticky tape to one side of the template so you know the tape is as long as the leaf.

Cut a piece of your thin wire so it is a little shorter than the length of the leaf.

Remove the template from the tissue paper.

Remove the backing from the sticky tape and place the wire in the center of it.

Fold the tissue paper over so it covers the sticky tape and traps the wire inside.

Use the template to cut out your leaf shape making sure the wire runs up the center of your leaf.

Fold the base of the leaf around the stem and fix in place with a thin strip of sticky green tissue paper.

Open out the petals bending the backwards a little if necessary to keep them open.

Push your fingers inside the corona to open it out.

Bend the stem at the back of the flower as shown in the photo.

Your daffodil is now complete and will give you a taste of spring all year round.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

To make smaller versions use your printer settings to print out a smaller template.

Choose A5 paper instead of A4 and select print to fit.

Use your print preview option to check that the template will now print at half the size.

These flowers cannot be washed as the color will run if they get wet. If they start looking a bit dusty just turn them upside down and give them a little shake.

Crepe paper will fade over time especially if left in strong sunlight but that can add to their charm as the outer edges of the petals will slowly turn white.

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