How To Make Paper Roses ~ Page 3

Make a tissue paper flower bouquet with this easy to follow tutorial. Surprise someone special with these long lasting flowers.

These tissue paper roses look great for ages.

You can also make them smell great by adding scent to the inner bud. 

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How To Make Paper Roses ~ Page 3

Stick a length of double sided sticky tape onto your green tissue paper.

If your tape is 2.5cm/1" wide like the one in the photo you will be able to cut it into four strips.

For one 30 cm/12" stem you will need to use around a 15cm/6" length of tissue paper.

Before you cut the strips cut 4 triangles out of the green tissue paper and tape as in the photo.

Now cut the rest of the tape length ways into 4 strips. 

The easiest way to do this is to cut the tape in half, along it's length first.

Then cut each half in half again. 

Remove the backing tape from the triangles you cut earlier and stick them to the base of the petals as shown in the photo. 

Remove a little bit of the backing from one of the strips of tissue paper.

Stick the end near the top of the stem right at the base of the petals.

Working in a spiral cover the stem with the green tissue paper, remove the backing as you work.

Overlap the paper as you work down the stem making sure all the wire is covered.

Smooth out any bumps or creases with your fingers as you work.

When you get to the end of the wire double back a little so the end is completely covered then cut the tape.

Push your open hand gently down on the petals to open the out a little, your flower is now finished and you can make another to create your own paper flower bouquet.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

The stems of these flowers are sturdy and easily bent into any position.

You can make them on long stems you can easily bend them to fit into a shorter vase. 

Tie the stems with ribbon to make a pretty bouquet.

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