How To Make Paper Roses ~ Page 2

Making tissue paper roses is easy with this step by step tutorial and photo's. Make a pretty bouquet for someone special.

These flowers will last for ages and will brighten a room for months instead of a few days. 

They are a great alternative to cut flowers for someone who has pollen allergies.

You can make these flowers any size you like just adjust the template and stems accordingly.

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Tissue Paper Roses ~ Page 2

Cut off 12 small pieces of double sided sticky tape.

I stick the pieces of tape to the roll as I cut them off.

Leave the backing on and place them so they over hanging the edge of the roll.

Gather the sides of the petal together so that it slightly curves inwards.

Use a piece of tape to hold the petal in position.

Leave the backing on for the moment.

Repeat the process for all 12 petals.

The larger the petal the more gathered it will be.

Using the smallest petals first, remove the backing from the double sided sticky tape.

Make sure the tape is firmly stuck to the petal when you remove the backing.

Line the petal up so it is roughly the same height as the central bud.

Carefully stick the petal down wrapping it around the wire.

Take another small petal and repeat the step above.

Slightly over lap the first petal with the second.

Continue adding all the petals finishing with the largest ones.

Overlap each petal as you work around the stem.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

These flowers are easy to keep looking fresh for months.

They cannot be washed as the color will run if they get wet.

If they start looking a bit dusty just turn them upside down and give them a little shake.

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