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Pasta Necklace Supplies


Macaroni Pasta - 500g

Made from 100% robust desert durum wheat and shaped using a bronze die gives Garofalo pasta its premium taste and texture.

500g - (1.1 lbs)

Great for lots of craft projects. 

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint Set of 12 x 12ml Tubes

12 x 12ml tubes of non-Toxic acrylic paint that produces vivid, richly pigmented and long lasting colors that dry quickly.

BONUS 3 FREE PAINT BRUSHES included at time of writing.

These acrylic paints blend, layer and mix well to produce an array of unlimited shade for any project. Each paint has a fantastic thick consistency which will retain brush or spatula marks and give your work brilliant texture.

They are suitable for most paintable surfaces including Stretched Canvas, Wood,Glass,card decorating,plastic,Craft Foam,Ceramic,Decorative Wallpaper, Terracotta, Blackboard easel,Paper,Art Chalk Board And More.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set, 18 Piece (2-Ounce)

Colors glide on smoothly, dry quickly and stay beautiful as the day they were painted

Can be brushed, stamped, stenciled or sponged on

Easy cleanup with soap and water

All-purpose acrylic craft paint is water based, non-toxic and dries to a durable finish

Suitable for most paintable surfaces: Wood, plaster, tin, craft foam, Styrofoam, terra cotta, and more

Paint Brushes

Paint Brush Set 10 Pieces

This artist paint brush set Contains a variety of brush sizes

Length:16.5cm~18.5cm(6.5~7.3 inches)

Ideal for Watercolor Oil, Acrylic Painting / Body, Nail, Face Painting / Miniature, model, ceramic, Craft Art Painting, etc.

Easy-to-Clean and Reshape - Nylon hairs will spring back perfectly after every brush strokes and can be easily clean up with soapy warm water and reshaped with your fingers.

Short wooden handles with a smooth finish, perfect for greater control over small details.

Cotton Cord

Waxed Cotton Cord

Package:180y in total

Color: Mixed 18 colors

Size: Dia.1mm Length: 10y per color

Nice bright colors and lightly waxed to help prevent fraying. 

Great for lots of craft projects. 

Satin/Rattail Silk Cord for Jewelry making

18 bundles per pack in different colors

A great choice for making bracelets, necklace and other jewelry projects

Each bundle will be approx 10 yards and the total will be about 180 yards

Material: Nylon

Great for lots of craft projects. 


Cotton Twine, 200-Feet

200' Cotton Twine, 16 pounds

Type: Medium weight

Natural Color plied cotton yarns

Great for bracelets, anklets or hanging decorations. 

Multi-Purpose Colored Craft String, 29.5-Feet

A pack of craft string in a variety of colors. 

Great for bracelets, anklets or hanging decorations. 

Other colors and pack sizes available.

Hemp Cord

High quality variegated hemp cordage.

Smooth six strand polished cord is perfect for all crafts and hobbies including macramé, scrapbooking, jewelry, gardening and beading.

Dyed with non toxic certified azo free dyes, you can use hemp cord as a stronger alternative to cotton or synthetic twine.

20 lb. weight, 1mm, 205 ft.,62.5 meters , 50 grams.

Available in other colors. 

Foam Sheet

Craft Foam-Sheets

50 x 8-1/2 by 5-1/2in foam sheets

Assorted bright and pastel colors.

Great for crafting.

The Thickest Foam

Truly thick foam for easier handling

Same length and width as a standard piece of printer paper - 8.5" X 11"

Easy to cut and form

Available in three neutral colors for a wide range of applications

Each pack contains 12 generously thick sheets - 1 cm thick

Great for crafting.

Cocktail Sticks

100% Natural Bamboo Toothpicks

100% Natural Round Bamboo Toothpicks.

Ideal for d'oeuvres & other delicacies.

Perfect for Cocktails.

Great for crafting.

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