Pasta Necklace

This pasta necklace is lots of fun to make and looks great too. You can easily adapt the instructions to make a matching bracelet. We have used macaroni to make this simple necklace. 

Macaroni is great for making beads. The tube shape is quick to paint and makes stringing the beads together really easy. 

Pasta crafts are an old time favorite of mine.

My kids were taught how to count using painted pasta. They had lots of fun painting different types of pasta.

We kept them in a tub and used them for simple sums as a visual aid. Macaroni art jewelry is cheap and cheerful and will last for ages.

Mia's Top Tip

To Make a drying rack you will need an old piece of craft foam.

Cut several cocktail sticks in half and push the pointed ends into the foam.

Keep the sticks in rows and not too close to each other.

You can see the one I made in the photo.

For young children you may find it easier to put some different colored paints onto saucers. Water the paints down a little so they are quite runny. The kids can dip or roll the pasta into the paint.
Leave the beads to dry on a plastic carrier bag as the wet paint will stick to newspaper. This will be quite messy so make sure you cover any nearby surfaces you don't want paint on.

Materials and Equipment

  • Macaroni pasta
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • String or cotton cord
  • Bag or drying rack
  • Cocktail sticks (optional)

Need Supplies?

Go to pasta necklace supplies to find all you need for this craft.
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Pasta Necklace Tutorial

An easy way to paint your pasta is to put it onto a cocktail stick.

Cocktail sticks are not really suitable for young children to use.

See my top tips above for a great alternative for young children.

Create a drying rack as explained in my top tips above.

This uses cocktail sticks cut in half so not really suitable for very young children.

Once your pasta beads are dry remove then from the sticks or the carrier bag.

Sort them into groups of the same colors to make it easier to design your necklace.

Using the thread of your choice tie one pasta bead to the end to create a clasp bead as shown in the photo.

Thread on more pasta beads until your necklace is the required length.

Finish by tying a pasta bead on the end to create another clasp bead as you did at the beginning. 

Trim the threads a little but not too short.

Tuck the end of the thread into the end bead of your necklace for a neat finish.

To fasten your necklace pass one of the clasp beads through the cord beneath the other one.

Mia’s Craft Ideas

Try different paint effects to make your pasta necklace stand out.

To get this great stripy effect paint your pasta in one solid color.

While the paint is still wet put a little bit of a different color paint onto a clean paintbrush.

Lightly touch the brush to the pasta turning at as you apply the paint.

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