Polymer Cane Tutorials

These polymer cane tutorials will show you how to make a delicately patterned polymer clay cane. You can easily adapt these instructions to suit your own taste and style.

Change the colors of the clay used or try adding extra layers or logs to get a whole range of different effects. 

When rolling out the combined logs always be careful not to twist or distort the cane.

Gently pulling and stretching the cane to reduce it's size before rolling it will help to minimize any distortions.

This is the third page in a series of four tutorials if you want to start at the beginning go to how to make polymer clay projects

Polymer Cane Tutorials

Continue to pull and roll your cane until it is approx 1.5cm (1/2") in diameter.

Pinch the end all along the length so it ends in a blue point.

Trim the end and cut your new log into 3 equal pieces. 

Squash them all together as shown in the photo.

As you can see the yellow logs you created at the beginning are now thinner and more fern like.

Gently roll them into log measuring approx 1.5cm (1/2") in diameter.

Trim the excess clay from one end of your log.

Your log should now look the one in the photo. 

Cut your log into 5 equal pieces.

Gently pinch along one edge of each log with the blue clay along the narrower edge.

Roll out a thin log of orange clay.

Place the 5 logs you created in the last step around the orange log as in the photo.

Try to get the logs as evenly spaced as possible.

There will be small gaps left between each log which we will fill in later.

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