How To Make A Polymer Clay Cane

A polymer clay cane for you to make with easy to follow step by step instructions. This gorgeous and delicate clay cane is great for many projects from beads to candle holders.

These canes are made by creating several logs and placing them next to each other in a specific pattern.

As you add more logs and reduce the size of the cane a pattern starts to emerge.

Because we use logs the pattern runs the entire length of the cane so it doesn't matter where you cut it the pattern will be the same throughout. 

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A Polymer Clay Cane Tutorial

Roll out a strip of yellow clay and cut it into 3 equal pieces. 

Position each yellow strip over the white clay logs as in the photo. 

Make a log of blue clay.

Turn your completed half cane over and place the blue log between the white logs as shown in the photo. 

Roll out a piece of white clay and cover the rounded area of the half cane.

You can see what the cane should look like from the end in step 14 below.

Squash the cane in your hand to make sure all the parts are joined together.

This will also help to make the cane longer and narrower without distorting your pattern.

Gently roll your cane until it looks similar to the one in the photo.

This is what your cane should look from the end.

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